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I'm finally upping my status.
My art is finally at a level I'm getting happy with, The comic is being rebooted again, I have a whole new cast of characters and plot. Just need to motivation and then I should be going again.

I am now taking requests and commissions for anyone interested. Anything to bolster my portfolio. I will also be ranging from my Rift characters soon.


I am so bad at uploading... but tbh I'm shooting myself in the foot, I don't see the point in uploading, no ones interested, but at the same time if I don't update how can I get anyone interested >.<
The Watch by Kittyana
The Watch
This turned out BEAUTIFUL!
My anniversary present for my amazing Warrior boyfriend. The symbol is from Rift.

Pic done for me by :iconsephtis:
Actual Etching was done by CelticGifts on Etsy.

Lines for Kittyana

I was hoping someone here could helpme. I'm offering an art trade, I physically don't have the skills to do what I need nd I'm hoping someone else will.
I'm trying to get a pocket watch engraved for my partner for our anniversary... But the image I need is to blurry. And I don't have the skull to make it a black and white line art. It looks like a cartoon.
I'm desperate I have three weeks and I really can't do this alone
The image is as below…
I know it's tiny that's part of my problem.
I just need a crisp clean sharp line art with optional grey scale for the colours. But something that would show up well in an etching.
Please deviant art. Your my only hope

I've finally got to a point where I'm happy with my work,
Or let me rephrase... I've been kicked in the ass enough by people who do like my stuff to come up with legit reasons why not to like my work...

this being the case Im looking for requests and commissions to add to my portfolio, I mainly work on MMO Characters from games like Rift, World of warcraft, Arche age etc. But I'm willing to try other OC's or such if people are interested.

I have more please check out my Deviantart page for examples, I don't have Premium yet and cant link images yet, but Ill look into upgrading if there is interest.

I am open for requests if people are interested, I need motivation, please message if so.

Ok I've never been huge on Writing journals...
but I guess now as good a time as any to try.
So if this seems long and rambling and annoying Im sorry.

Though of course I bet no ones actually reading this.
If you do. I would really grateful if you leave something.
I'm currently feeling very underwhelmed. I've been drawing since I was a really little girl. Its always been a passion. But I always seemed to get missed in the crowd.
I mean don't get me wrong. DA is huge! and I'm only a little doodler. but still.
Hard to find the momento to draw when It feels pointless and useless.

And I feel that a lot recently. I don't even know where to start. And Like i said this is probably useless and futile. I mean if no one wants to look at my pics why would anyone read this.
So this isn't going to be as long as I thought. but oh well.
Please I beg you if you have read this... please tell me. let me know someone out there notices me.

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